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By Me:

-Trans Body Image - I wrote this for YouthResource in Fall of 2001.

COMING SOON: -A Letter to Faculty - published in the Instructor's Resource Manual for Human Sexuality: Meeting Your Basic Needs by Stephanie M. Chisolm, Ph.D. - February, 2002

-Girl Amongst Boys. This is the original and unabridged version of the story that was renamed Tomboy to Femme Boy for Mary Boenke's book Transforming Families. - September, 2002

-OUTRIGHT Application. Here's the essay I wrote when I applied to be a facilitator of OUTRIGHT Roanoke. April, 2004

-Real Trans (In)Visibility.. I wrote this article for UNC Chapel Hill's Lambda Magazine, the oldest LGBTQIA affirming magazine in existence. November, 2005

Lamdba by ClarisseLambda

COMING SOON: - On Femme - My own account of being femme identified

scoping guys on the beach

COMING SOON: - On Military - My personal account of being a queer cadet in the United States Army Reserve Officer Training Corps - Echo Company 1st Platoon Bulldogs, Fort Knox, Kentucky (Home of the Armored Cavalry) and Staff Sergeant and NCOIC in the Duke Battalion.

a boi on his own

COMING SOON: - On Borderline - My account of interpersonal hell

fight the power

COMING SOON: - On Freethinking - My account of faith or lack thereof, following a childhood in Judaism

a religious boi

About Me:

-Frontiers article. September, 2001

COMING SOON: - "Battle of the Sexes" - printed in the Harrisonburg Daily News-Record - May, 2002

reflection after and before

From "Battle of the Sexes" by Jessica Clark - Daily News-Record - May, 2002.

COMING SOON: - "Gender is Performance" - A feature on me, my film, and my thesis. Printed in the James Madison Bluestone Yearbook, 2002

-It's Good to be King by Angie Jeffreys. About a drag king event held on Halloween, 2003.


-The Advent of J. Bastian Cole by Jessica Fenn, a journalism grad student at Hollins University. It's a narrative of my coming out compiled through several interviews in November and December of 2003. Focuses on the idea of performance and my connections with Hamlet.

me as Laertes

-Kind of a Drag by Corey Nelson. About a drag king event held on February 27th, 2004 at my alma mater JMU. A fundraiser for the creation of an LGBTQA Resource Center.





-Your Alexandria Smell

-Pretty Naked Boy

-Shower Poem

-Tissue Paper Boy



-"Imaginary Reality" - My final for Movies as Art

-Info on my next upcoming screenwriting project. current working title: "Wish You Were Here"