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caption CAMP CHALLENGE 2000 - FORT KNOX, KY <):ol
This is me in the early morning before ITT (basically a whole day crawling through the mud - believe me, it's not as glamorous as it sounds) caption
caption Here's me with Davis and Tinsely at the end of that same day. You may ask why I'm smiling... it's cuz that hell of a day was finally OVER, and I actually did it!
Me and Shields on graduation day. caption

caption Here's me learning how to fire a SAW. (I got to shoot lots of weapons at camp... not that that's all too exciting)
caption Heh - yeah Bulldogs! caption
Some of the girls of 1st platoon - plus one from 3rd. I'm on the left. As if you couldn't tell..

gotta give props to Davis for some of these pix!